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 YGOPRO official warbook

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Ygopro Official War Book

Register Clan/Team

-Members can only be on one team at a time
-An official Team must have 6-15 total members
-Teams must have a name that has not been used before.
-When registering a Team, use the format in the box below
-At least 6 of the listed members on the registration topic must confirm that they belong to that Team for it to be approved. The rest can confirm later.
-When your registration is approved, its topic will be moved to official team section.

Registration topic:

Free Agents/Recruiting

If you are a registered member but don't own or belong to a team, you are considered a free duelist. To inform others that you are available and free to join some team, you need to submit Free Duelist Form located [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Registering a War:

-All the war terms must be agreed by both sides' Captains before the war starts.
-When registering a war, use the form in the box below and post a topic in the section "Register a War"
-A war will only be approved when all the form data is complete and the other opposing side posts their confirmation.
-When your war is approved, the registration topic will be moved to the section "War Arena"

Ranked War Registration:

War Formats and Match Rules:

-During a match, the loser of a duel chooses who goes first in the next duel.
-Both Teams begin with the same amount of players and subs in their rosters.
-If a player is banned, make sure to confirm it with one of the admins before doing so and then replace the banned player with one of the players in the roster
- All war duels are TCG/OCG since the statuses change quite often

-Minimum 5 players and 1 sub from each side.
-The first Team to reach 0 remaining players loses.
-Loser of the match gets eliminated

-Minimum 5 players from each side. No subs.
-The amount of hearts must be greater or equal than the amount of players (max 20).
-When a player loses, their Team loses a heart.
-The first Team to reach 0 hearts loses.

During a War:

-After a match, one player must post the result and the other one must confirm it. (Just in case, be sure to take screenshots or replays when the duel ends.)
-If you or your opponent has to go between the duels of a match that is already in progress, neither player may challenge anyone else until the match is completed.
-After the war starts, the rosters cannot be edited without a mutual agreement.


- One match should be finished within 2 days
-If a Team is stalling, call a Judge to look over the war and ensure that those situations don't affect the war result.
-A deadline can and will be extended only if both Teams are still active enough to finish the war in a short time.
-If during a war the Official Konami Banlist is changed, the war will continue using the Banlist it started with.


-If you have a dispute with a player you are warring, you should always attempt to resolve it with the other player first:
-Rulings should not be that much of an issue since it is auto
-If it is a gameplay dispute, remain calm and try to explain the situation to your opponent.


-If someone leaves a duel on purpose, he'll get a game loss (this is not the same as an involuntary disconnection).
- if someone d/c bc of the server then it will be a reduel
- If someone was winning by a lot and got d/c then it will be a reduel
- If someone is losing by a lot and d/c then he/she will lose the game

Teams & Players Punishments

Team Leaders are responsible for their members' actions. It is up to you to force your members to follow our rules because once they violate them, there is no comeback. A member that gets IP banned from our forum can cause you problems in your open wars where that member was active (he gets disqualification from those wars). Additionally, he will not be able to participate in any further team actions and thus, is excluded from your team in our site

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YGOPRO official warbook
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